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    VideoMonkey 0.17 released, TheTVDB works again

    TheTVDB used to be forgiving in how you requested search results by not requiring your API Key. They took that away recently, which made search for TV shows stop working. Thanks to all those who pointed this out and many thanks to Daniel E. White for providing a patch.

    Additionally, I also added proper handling of files that have the episode and season encoded as a single 4 digit number (SSEE).

    If your copy of VM doesn't update automatically, please select Check for Updates... in the VideoMonkey menu. Or you can go to the Downloads section and get it from there.

    Enjoy and sorry for the delay in getting this out.

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    Video Monkey v0.16 Released - theMovieDB is Back!

    I've update VM to use the v3.0 API of theMovieDB. So you can once again get movie metadata. And it does a better job of fetching data in the background so metadata fetches should feel a bit snappier. I've also fixed a few other bugs, including the extremely annoying placement of movies in the "Home Video" category of iTunes. Check out the release notes for all the changes.


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    Movie Metadata Retrieval is Broken

    I'm sorry to say that as of September 15, 2013, has switched to a new format of data downloads. So that feature of VideoMonkey no longer works. I'm working on the problem and hope to have a fix soon.

    Stay tuned...

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    Version 0.15 is now available to fix Matroska errors

    Please download the 0.15 version of Video Monkey via the usual channels. This should fix the problem where MKV files were getting a bad framerate and therefore not encoding video. Please post comments if you continue to have issues. Hopefully this is the best Video Monkey ever!

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    New version of mediainfo wreaks havoc with version 0.14 Matroska files

    Well, I’m finding that “updating” Open Source tools is something of a fools errand. I’m happy with the better performance, access to advanced filters and less buggy behavior of the new version of ffmpeg. Unfortunately, it had some compatibility issues. I fixed these in version 0.14, but one of those fixes involved updating mediainfo. The latest version of that tool has some advantages as well. But it unfortunately changed the way it reports framerate for VFR Matroska files. Not to worry. A new version of Video Monkey is on the way. I think it will be the best ever, until the next showstopper issue crops up with the tools  🙂

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