Version 0.12 fixes Leopard compatibility problem

I just switched to Lion and didn’t install the 10.5 (Leopard) SDK. Consequently the 0.11 release of Video Monkey used the Lion SDK and the result wouldn’t run on Leopard. All that should be fixed now, so all you Leopard holdouts can start using Video Monkey again  ;-)

I’ve also refined the bitrate/frame size calculations, so you should get better quality encodings for all sizes. There are a few other bug fixes that snuck in as well. Check it all out in the release notes.

  • http://allnewmac.wordpress.com/ allnewmac

    Nice work!
    I recently installed video monkey on Lion and it works fine.
    I’m just missing a feature… and that’s “Create a DVD Image”
    I really need for my projects to burn my video files to an DVD.

    I really would like to have the skills and the time to contribute to your app and contribute for it.

    Keep the good work.

  • cmarrin

    Well, if I stopped making mistakes like this one, I would be able to add DVD authoring :-) As a hint of what’s to come, you might notice that VM is much bigger than previous versions. That’s because I’ve added the ‘dvdauthor’ command line utility, which I will be using for the DVD authoring functionality.

    The functionality I will be adding at first is: Create raw VOB files, create a VIDEO_TS folder with the proper layer, create an image that can be burned to a DVD, or burn the DVD itself. The result will have a chapter per file in the list or no chapters at all.

    What functionality are you looking for in this feature?

    • http://allnewmac.wordpress.com/ allnewmac

      That’s exactly that! :)

      I’m using iFlicks to do my conversions directly to iTunes just because it offers the subtitles possibility.

      Do you some info about that too?

      I wish that I could convert some .avi file, add a subtitle and then convert to a DVD image file…

      Thank’s once again and keep the good job!

  • Lance

    Please be so kind as to separate your download versions list into Intel-only and PPC/universal. Thanks.

    You might also consider adding a processor check to the auto-updater. It just downloaded an Intel-only version for me, and DELETED my original PPC-compatible version. Grrrr!!!!!

    No need to tell me how old my computer is. I have five Macs, and the two newest are Intel. I just happened to be using this lovely PM G4 FW800 when this small calamity struck.

  • http://marrin.org/ Chris Marrin

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