Video Monkey v0.16 Released – theMovieDB is Back!

I’ve update VM to use the v3.0 API of theMovieDB. So you can once again get movie metadata. And it does a better job of fetching data in the background so metadata fetches should feel a bit snappier. I’ve also fixed a few other bugs, including the extremely annoying placement of movies in the “Home Video” category of iTunes. Check out the release notes for all the changes.


  • Rob

    Doesn’t work on my 10.6.8 OSX running iMac. :-( So now it’s back to v. 0.15.

  • http://marrin.org/ Chris Marrin

    I switched to requiring 10.7 to use the JSON parser available there. Time to update!

    • Red

      Can you make it compatible with at least 10.6.8?

      • http://marrin.org/ Chris Marrin

        The API I’m using requires 10.7. So you’ll either have to upgrade your OS or stick with 0.15. My policy is to support at least the last two OS releases. And with Mavericks release imminent, Snow Leopard will soon be 4 releases old!

        • Philippe Casgrain

          I suspect quite a few of us have an old Mac acting as a media server, and that old Mac tops out at 10.6.8. I ask you to reconsider dropping 10.6.8 for that reason, and I’d be willing to help out if necessary.

  • Martin

    Since upgrading to Mavericks, VM is broken. Any updates to get VM to work?

  • http://marrin.org/ Chris Marrin

    How is it broken? Do you get errors in the console? It works fine for me.

    • http://www.geekandjock.com/ Martin Cooney

      Hi Chris,
      Trying to drag/drop or add any files just results in nothing added and nothing in the console. No idea what else I can provide to help resolve this.

  • Lonnie Ross Dillon

    Here’s a silly question…how to get find metadata for TV shows? I click on the info button and found the metadata cells, but nothing happens when I hit search. I realize I have to give it something to get it started, but what…?


  • Brett Grossmann

    With TV shows I add in the show info in one of the drop down windows. The added info seems to jog the app into finding the show.

  • Brett Grossmann

    VM isn’t workin in Maverick. I got a can’t open app from unverified site or some crap. Just bought this Mac. I wouldn’t be using Maverick if I could choose.

  • Brett Grossmann

    My bad its working. I had to adjust gatekeeper to allow the download to open. THx bud.