About Video Monkey

Video Monkey is a free video encoding application exclusively for Mac. With it you can encode multiple videos, automatically add metadata from sources like theTVDB.com andtheMovieDB.org, and then add them to your iTunes library, all at the touch of a button. The UI is simple and intuitive and lets you encode almost any video to many Apple and non-Apple formats. It uses the super fast ffmpeg encoder for high quality results. Whether it’s converting recorded TV shows, or transferring a video to a format for use in other video editing software, Video Monkey is a great way to simplify all your encoding needs.

VideoMonkey was created after the demise of the great tool Visual Hub. Video Monkey borrows heavily from concepts in the Visual Hub video conversion tool for its simple and clear UI and its use of ffmpeg for encoding. And then it enhances that functionality with metadata insertion, automatically adding to iTunes, and other great enhancements.

You can download the latest version and get started converting videos today.

There’s new stuff coming all the time, so check back often!!!

  • Mikayla

    Hi daddy
    Your website is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • audialredux

    hi cmarrin im a applescript programmer and ive succefully got songredux to work %99.9 (why the 00.1 is because mp3 not working) im in year 11 and program in “C++,Applescript & Objective C,Java,html” the main reason im contacting you is because im wondering if i can join the Offical VideoMonkey Development Team? i’ll don’t ask for any money or anything much just for my name to be in the about box as assainst programmer? please email me “AudialRedux@hotmail.com”

  • cmarrin

    We always welcome contributions. If you believe you’ve made some interesting or useful changes to the source code, please consider submitting a patch. Any contribution used will be acknowledged.

    You can submit patches by opening an issue on Github and pasting in the patch.

  • audialredux

    thanks cmarrin, question can i summit patchs in applescript? and i was thinking if i could for the time being begin on the audio converting side of video monkey? (What i mean is i make the mp3, m4a, aiff,wma,ogg,aac,3pg options?) because ive seen alot of people ask about audio only options :) and can i summit binary packages too they may help support some other files if coded correctly instead of ffmpeg doing all the work :)

    sorry but im dieing to help out with this project. :)

    i hope VideoMonkey will become The Worlds Most Reliable and Greatest video & audio converter program on the mac os x platform :)

  • cmarrin

    Video Monkey is an Objective C application and does not use AppleScript at all. If you would like to add support for audio formats, please start by understanding commands.xml and adding support there.

    I’ve been thinking about audio format support lately. Video Monkey is oriented very stongly toward converting video. Adding audio support, while possible, might not be the best fit and the app may not be able to provide support for the features someone might expect in an audio conversion app.

    With that said, you are free to create such conversions. Even if they are not accepted in Video Monkey, they may still be of use to you or others.

  • tone


    I have just found Video Monkey and love it. I had to find a way to convert flv for ipads etc. Can you tell me if there is a way to have an image that can be displayed when the mp4 placeholder shows. I need convert quite a few video files on my websites so that they play on ipad, iphone etc but I would like to have an image (like a still) of a section of the video or even the company logo as the image that is displayed before they play the video.

    Is that possible with video monkey?

  • cmarrin

    VM doesn’t currently set the poster frame. You should be able to do it by opening the file in Quicktime 7 then selecting View->Set Poster Frame, then saving

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  • pfl2000

    As a long time user of Video Hub, I am very happy to see that someone has continued the development, and made it even better. Thank you!!!.

    One enhancement request, if it’s even feasible, would be to carry the date and time info from the original video, into the output file.

    A popular use of Video Hub for me in the past, is to take FLIP videos and convert them to MP4 so I could edit in iMovie. It would be nice to have the correct date and time imbedded in the movie, rather than the date/time I converted.

    Thanks again

  • Tjdyo


    I’ve been a long time User of VisualHub and I am extremely happy to see how far you have come along

    I am also a graphic designer. I created an alternative Icon for VideoMonkey here: http://cl.ly/1a2S0Z3g1y033K3L1F2y

    I created it for free, and you can feel free to use it for your application.

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  • Melissa

    I’m having issues adding a video to the video monkey software. Do you know if there is a size limit to which video files can be transcoded?

    Thank You

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