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New version of mediainfo wreaks havoc with version 0.14 Matroska files

Well, I’m finding that “updating” Open Source tools is something of a fools errand. I’m happy with the better performance, access to advanced filters and less buggy behavior of the new version of ffmpeg. Unfortunately, it had some compatibility issues. I fixed these in version 0.14, but one of those fixes involved updating mediainfo. The latest version of […]

Video Monkey and 64 Bit

All Macs sold today support 64 bit instructions. There are lots of advantages to 64 bit. For instance, it can handle more data at one time which makes many operations run much faster. This is especially true of video encoding. You can essentially decode twice as many pixels at a time, potentially getting double the […]

Video Monkey repository back at github

There’s been a lot of rework of the Video Monkey website over the last few weeks. I’ve moved servers, redesigned the site and moved things around a bit. That’s all done now, and I hope things are back to normal and better than ever. Please let me know if you are experiencing any more problems. […]

Moving Day!

Welcome to the new Video Monkey website. It’s taken weeks to get it ready, but everything is up and ready to go. This move was prompted by SourceForge getting hacked, preventing me from accessing much of the Video Monkey repository. It was especially painful because I was all ready to do the 0.9 release of […]

Pardon Our Dust

This is the new Video Monkey site. It’s fresh, but not quite complete. You’ll find the source code on github now, by clicking on the Source Code menu item above. Downloads are not yet available here, but you can still get them from Sourceforge. Please be patient and we’ll soon be complete and better than […]

Fresh FFMPEG and Google

I always want to use the freshest version of ffmpeg for every Video Monkey release. But doing that has proven difficult over the entire lifetime of the app. Many times I have used Google to try to either find a prebuilt version or good instructions on how to build it yourself. That would seem like […]

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