Author: cmarrin

Version 0.6 Released

There’s a new release of Video Monkey available. This is mostly to get rid of the automatic metadata search function, which was causing problems when the metadata search sites went down. Now by default automatic search is turned off. To search for metadata, open the Info panel, select the metadata…

VideoMonkey and Metadata

With the 0.4 release of VideoMonkey, you can manipulate the metadata in a video file. Metadata is extra information in a video which tells you the title, description, rating, etc. of that video. It can even hold artwork (posters, cast photos, etc.). Some apps, like iTunes, can use this metadata to display information about the […]

Where Did We Come From?

Working with video can be hard. But that’s better than it used to be, which was impossible. Now there are lots of tools to choose from and computers are fast enough to make recording, editing, and encoding video practical for everyone. Practical, but not necessarily easy. On Macs, we fortunately have machines with great underlying […]

How Do You Work With Video?

The great thing about building an app like Video Monkey, one that you use a lot yourself, is that you can give it exactly the features you want. The first version just converts files into iTunes formats because that’s the most common thing I do. Next I’m adding the ability to add the result directly […]

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