Development on the Video Monkey Source

Video Monkey is an open source project, released under a BSD license. It also uses other Open Source utilities, including:

It also uses and to look up metadata.

Source Code

Video Monkey source code can be browsed here. You can also use git to clone the source to a local repository:


This will produce a folder called videomonkey with the source tree.

Submitting a Patch

If you make changes to Video Monkey which you think would be useful to others, please consider submitting a patch. Simply use git to make a patch. This requires knowledge of git which can be a bit daunting at first. But there are many good tutorials on the web.

To make it more likely that a patch will be suggested, please document what is being changed and its benefits. Also, attempt to follow the style guidelines of the current code as much as possible. A clear and well documented patch is much more likely to be accepted than one that is makes many arbitrary or unrelated changes or which are poorly formatted.

Once you’ve prepared a patch, open an issue, marking it appropriately (enhancement or bug) and then attach the patch to the bug.