Please post any feedback or comments about Video Monkey

  • Serge Regina

    Probably the best converter tool I found in the last 6 years. Would love to see it evolve to take into account Hardware acceleration… (NIVIDIA, CUDA ?, Intel 64 xCore). I run it currently on a MAcPro 5.1 / 24 cores / 3.46 Ghz with GTX 970 vid card.

    • You should at least be using all the cores on your Mac. ffmpeg can use hardware acceleration. I will experiment and see what I come up with

  • Roger Evans

    Just want to say a big “THANKS!” I used FCP 7 for years to convert my MOV files to WMV high quality however, Apple’s recent upgrade will not recognize it. I resorted to several conversion programs but the WMVs always came out very low quality. Video Monkey does a really good job
    I would like to donate but do not feel comfortable using my credit card on line. If you could email me a mailing address I would appreciate it
    Thanks and best regards

    • Sorry, I don’t have another way of receiving a donation. But don’t worry. Thanks for the note and keep enjoying VM!

  • Mac

    WMV videos made from mov files come out upside down. Is there a reason for this?

  • It could be that my decoder is not recognizing a feature in the file and doing a flip when needed. I would suggest using HandBrake to convert the file to something that VM handles well, like MP4 and then retry