Have Profitable Prices with Product Variant Price Tracking

Have Profitable Prices with Product Variant Price Tracking

April 6, 2023

Most online merchants invest significant work in creating a broad selection of profitable products. And one of the biggest problems when developing and promoting your choice is product variances and variant price tracking.

Nearly all facets of your marketing and sales tactics are addressed. You can name them as category management, shipping, pricing, and inventory management.

Regarding price management, product variant pricing can cause some troubles.

We are here to explain how easy it is for Prisync users to track product variant prices and how you may also profit from it. At Prisync, we released our variant tracking feature a long time ago.

But first, let’s ensure we know what a product variety is.

What is a product variant?

A product variation is a subset of a particular parent product, such as a different package size, color, or storage alternative. Variants are frequently listed under the same product URL, which is challenging to track.

Although varied sizes, colors, finishes, flavors, and prices are frequently featured on the same page with various filters applied.

URL-based scraping, which is what most price-monitoring software performs, believes there will be a single price point for each site, presenting a hurdle for price-scraping engines.

We’ll cover how Prisync has addressed this issue in the past and how it functions for various product variation listings kinds now.

variants of a product

Product Variant Price Tracking with Prisync

In ecommerce, product variations give customers a variety of buying alternatives for products, such as product size or color. To assist you in learning about additional price alternatives provided by your competitors, our engine detects product variation pricing and accordingly suggests repricing options for your profitability.

With just one URL, Prisync can monitor numerous prices. We can track them using our variation price monitoring tool, enabling you to conduct precise price comparisons.

product variant price

Variant Level Repricing

Pricing product variants, and different SmartPrice recommendations for different variants of the same parent product in competitors can be a big challenge in the ecommerce pricing ecosystem. However, you have a solution as an online seller.

For example, If you’re selling a t-shirt in different sizes, such as S and XXL. You can add these variants separately to your Prisync dashboard. Since each has unique competitors, different price levels will increase your profitability. 

  • S size  t-shirt
  • XXL size t-shirt

As a result of the repricing rule we apply, we have suggested a SmartPrice of $10 for the size S and $12 for the size XXL t-shirt. 

1- You can independently choose your repricing rule. Set a specific pricing rule or keep the price the same. It’s all up to you. 

2- You can set the minimum price for all your products: 10$

3- You can set the maximum price for all your products: 12$

All these options are available with our Variant Level Repricing feature. 

Wrap UP

Our tool’s features allowed us to quickly retrieve correct data for every form of Product Variant listing we have encountered so far. Prisync’s engine will continue to develop as we work to cover all webshops worldwide. Because at Prisync, we always strive to be the most reliable source of competitive pricing knowledge for manufacturers and online retailers of all sizes.


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