Moving Day!

Welcome to the new Video Monkey website. It’s taken weeks to get it ready, but everything is up and ready to go. This move was prompted by SourceForge getting hacked, preventing me from accessing much of the Video Monkey repository. It was especially painful because I was all ready to do the 0.9 release of Video Monkey on the day the attack occured. But that event motivated me to do two things:

  1. I moved the Video Monkey website to my own server.
  2. I moved the Video Monkey source code to gitweb.

In making this move, I decided I wanted it to keep as complete a history as possible. The repository history was easy; git can interact with svn repositories very nicely. But everything else had to be done by hand. I moved several things from SourceForge to github:

  • The source code and all its commit history
  • All the bugs, and feature requests from the SF Tracker (although I left out the closed issues)
  • The tags for the previous releases of the source.

I also moved all the release files to my server, preserving the upload dates and download counts.

Then there was the recreation of the Video Monkey website. I chose to make a change here as well. Video Monkey used to be edited in iWeb and uploaded to SF. iWeb is very nice for simple sites, but I’ve always wanted to have more flexibility, so I switched to WordPress. After learning the ins and outs of customizing a WordPress theme, I was able to create what I think is a better looking and more useful site for Video Monkey.

The site now allows you to register and login, and allows you to comment on news or blog entries. I hope this makes the Video Monkey site more interactive, so I can understand how all of you are using it. I’ve also added a forum where ongoing conversations can take place. The site and the forum both take advantage of Gravatars, to make it easier to identify who you are and what you’re interested in. Please stop by there if you haven’t aleady and upload a picture. Don’t worry if you don’t. The site uses Identicons if you haven’t made yourself a gravatar. At least that way we can distinguish different voices in the conversation. Also don’t worry if you don’t want to register. You can see all the content on the site and have unrestricted access to the downloads. Registering just helps let us know who you are and helps keep the spambots out.

And one last thing you should worry about. I will never, ever, ever give out your email or personal data.

So look around and let us know what you think.