Quick release of 0.14 to fix a few issues

The 0.13 release introduced a couple of bad bugs. The first was that the fastest encoding speed stopped working. This is due to the newer version of ffmpeg. I failed to fix the fastest encoding settings. An error was also introduced because of the change to the Snow Leopard SDK. I’m not sure if I was using the NSComboBox wrong or if a bug was introduced. But it stopped generating events when you selected an item from the metadata search box. All better now.

I also got rid of the filtering of non-alphanumeric characters from the string you type into the metadata search box. I did this because often file names have odd characters just to allow them to be legal file names, which the search engines would fail on. So now I still do the filtering when searching for show names in the filename, but not in the string you type into the search box. This is all caused by the fact that thetvdb.com is very picky and leaving out special characters can sometimes make it not find a show. For instance, “hawaii five-0” works, but “hawaii five 0” will fail to find the same show. I think they are fixing their search, so this will hopefully get better soon. But for now Video Monkey will search for the exact string you type in.

There are also a couple of other minor fixes. Check out the release notes for more details.

As always, you can get the new version by opening Video Monkey and selecting Check For Updates… from the Video Monkey menu. Or you can download it directly from the downloads page.