Version 0.8 Released with better Metadata search

Well version 0.7 fixed the crashing problems, but introduced some instability in the metadata search feature. So I’ve gone through and fixed those problems. Along the way I’ve added better  error reporting and improved the usability quite a bit. Now when you search using the search box (because the name of the show was not found in the filename) it will still use any season/episode information. This helps because many shows are in a folder with the show name, but each episode file just contains the sXXeXX string. You can also now use the search box to search on multiple files. So you can select all your files, enter the search box and it will give you the right season and episode for each.

Some shows have each season in a separate folder and only the episode number is in the filename. Video Monkey now handles these, too. Just select all the files, enter the show name in the search box, and Video Monkey will set the show name and the episode number. You just need to set the correct season on one file, right click on the “Season:” label and select “Use this value for all files”. Now you have the right show name, season and episode, and you’re ready to encode!

Enjoy, and as always please report any problems you find.