Video Monkey 0.9 is (finally) here

It’s been longer than I had hoped to get the new release out. But the move is complete and 0.9 is up and waiting. If you already have Video Monkey installed you can simply run the app and select Video Monkey -> Check For Updates… If not, just download it from here, unzip it and put it wherever you like (/Applications is usually best).

The 0.9 release has many new features (check out the release notes). But by far the biggest and most requested (and the least well tested :-?) feature is support for other video formats. I urge you to try this new feature out and let me know how well it works for your use case(s). I have limited ability to test some of the file formats, like PSP and Tivo. They should all successfully encode but there’s no guarantee they work on the intended device. I’m looking forward to your feedback and improving this much requested feature. I’ve added a new topic on the forum to make it easier to carry on this conversation. Please use that to let me know how it’s all working. I’d also like to hear if you’re having good results with the new formats!

But there are many other features in this release as well. A/V offset is a feature I’ve wanted for a while. I often come across videos with bad lip sync. This feature will fix the worst of these sorts of files, where the offset between audio and video is fixed throughout the content, but it can’t handle advanced features like different sync points throughout the video. Still, this simple adjustments works well in many situations.

This version also includes a very fresh copy of ffmpeg. I think I’ve finally cracked the code for building ffmpeg for use with VM so hopefully I can do a better job of keeping up with bug fixes as they come out. This build of ffmpeg should also handle true multithreading. So many of you will see a performance boost.

This release also has a couple of teasers. In addition to the continued tease of DVD creation, the format menu also shows a custom encoding item. This will eventually allow you to customize the encoding beyond the presets in the other formats. Hopefully these features will be out soon.

Have fun!