Terms of Service

4 years ago

Terms of Service

Welcome and thank you for your interest in Prisync.

In this document we clearly define the terms and the usage of the service provided by

We may use “Prisync”, “we”, “us”, “Site” or “Service” to define all the things below:

  • our website at (the “Site”),
  • all related web sites, downloadable content and other services provided by us (“Service”)
  • any page on which a link to this Privacy Policy is displayed
  • other communications with individuals though from written or oral means, such as email, in-app messages or phone.


“User” indicates a paying or a potential customer of Prisync.

“Visitor” indicates a person other than a User, who uses the public area, but has no
access to the restricted areas reserved for User usage only.

“Public Area” indicates the parts of the Site that can be accessed both Users and
Visitors, which does not require to log in.

“Private Area” indicates the parts of the Site that requires to log in to access to the

“Trial Period” indicates a period of 14 days which the Service can be available for
usage without paying. Visitors who subscribed for a Trial Period and who access to the
Private Area are called Users as well.

“User Data” indicates any type of information relating to an identified of identifiable
natural person.

“Subscription” indicates registering to the service. A Visitor becomes a User after
Subscription and gains access to the Private Area.

Service Scope

Prisync service contains the following content delivered to the subscribed User:

  1. Web dashboard with varying feature accesses depending on the preferred Service
  2. Email notifications and reporting – plan restrictions may apply here.
  3. API access – plan restrictions may apply here.

Prisync does not require any installation or setup to get up and running, therefore our
company does not provide any such services other than the aforementioned items.

Subscription, Upgrading, Downgrading, Cancellation & Payments

Monthly subscription payments can be done with credit cards and the monthly fees are
collected automatically on the specific day of subscription for each month. (for ex. 21st
of each month if the subscription has started on 21st of any month.) Users can upgrade
or downgrade their Service Plans by communicating with the customer success
manager or from their dashboard, without any need to cancel or transfer the current
account. The Service works with a ‘pay as you go model’, where monthly subscriptions
can be stopped at any point during the subscription with no incurring costs for the
following months. All credit card charges will be reflected to your bank accounts with either “Iyzico/” or “Iyzico” as recipient.

Data Privacy and GDPR Compliance

We take the new concepts suggested and enforced by EU General Data Protection
Regulations into our consideration We want to provide a better and interpretable control
and access on their data to all Prisync users. We revised and updated Privacy Policy.
Please read Privacy Policy document for all kind of inquiries.