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Covid Related Price Changes
June 26, 2020

Covid19 Price Hikes Part 3: 10 Products in the ES Market

COVID-19 has set off a wave of panic buying on a global scale. People rushed to the supermarkets to stockpile essential products that they fear will run out of stock due to the disruptions in… Continue Reading

COVID19 Related Online Price Increases
June 4, 2020

Covid19 Price Hikes Part 2: 10 Products in the UK Market

In mid-March, the wave of panic buying and stockpiling set off by the COVID-19 pandemic led to extreme price increases on essential products people had stocked up on (the inexplicable toilet roll grab comes to… Continue Reading

Covid19 Price Increases
May 19, 2020

Covid19 Price Hikes Part 1: 10 Products in the US Market

In mid-march, the COVID-19 pandemic set off a wave of panic buying and hoarding in the US market. Supply shortages combined with unusual demand for certain products led to massive increases in their prices. Since… Continue Reading

Black Friday & Cyber Monday: Are discounts real?
November 21, 2019

Are Discounts Real: A Huge BF / CM Analysis for 2019

We get asked about this a lot. Are Black Friday & Cyber Monday deals a myth? This has been asked and argued over a million times each year polarizing both consumers and retailers. Each side… Continue Reading

Pixel 2 Prices
October 5, 2017

Pixel 2 Prices: Research from 6 Countries in 2017

Assuming you are the follower of new tech gadgets, of course, you should know today is a big day for Google. The new products of Google - Google Pixel 2 release today with huge excitement… Continue Reading

Iphone 8 Prices
September 14, 2017

iPhone 8 Prices: Research from 31 Countries in 2017

As you should know, Apple introduced the new version of iPhone on the 12th of September 2017. After that news, we searched the prices of every iPhone 8 - 64GB in 31 countries and compared… Continue Reading